The People of TransportLab

Academic Staff

Research Staff

  • Dr. Ehsan (Seyedehsan) Seyedabrishami (2022-2023)

Current Higher Degree by Research Students

  • Abdullah Zare Andaryan (2023-2026) [co-advised with Mike Bell, ITLS]
  • Hamidreza Babaeighazvini – Predictive Analytics for Urban Corridor Control: a Person-Centric Efficiency-Safety Approach
  • Linji Chen (2020-2023)¬†Management of ride-sourcing systems
  • Teck Kean Chin (2020-) Evidence for the benefit of transit signal priority
  • Elnaz Emami (2022-2026) On operations of shared e-micromobility
  • Yang Gao (2021-) Measuring the travel time reliability of urban transport networks using multiple types of data
  • Laya Hossein Rashidi (2022-) Built environment correlates of active travel to school
  • Guipeng Jiao (2020-2024) Ride sharing in competitive markets
  • Durba Kundu (2021-) Habits and patterns in transit use
  • Amin Shaer (2022-2026) Driving under the influence of alcohol and drug (DUI) mapping and enforcement strategies
  • Junhyeok Shim (2023-2025)
  • Alireza Soltani (2022-2026) Trajectory planning for Automated vehicles
  • Changle Song (2021-) Strategies for Minimising Inefficiency in Emergency Medical Logistics
  • Haotian Wang (2021-) Ensemble Models of Route Choice
  • Zhaohan (Jack) Wang (2022-2025) ¬†– Real-time Traffic State Estimation and Prediction using Autonomous Vehicles
  • Tingsen (Tim) Xian (2021-) Microscopic empirical evaluation of transit priority measures
  • Yue Yang (2021-2024) – Modeling and control of shared and automated e-hailing systems
  • Ruihao Zeng (2022-2023) Automated and connected vehicle technologies for traffic congestion management



  • Andrew Chui (2018)
  • Capucine Heymes (2018)
  • Manman Li (2019)
  • Xia Zhao (2019)
  • Yuya Masaki (2020)
  • Louise Aoustin (2020)
  • Jing Chen (2020)
  • Bingyu Wu (2022-2023)


Research Staff

  • Dr. Mengying Cui
  • Dr. Reza Mohajerpoor
  • Dr. Amir Samimi
  • Dr. Hongjun Yu
  • Dr. Bahman Lahoorpoor


  • Dr. Hao Wu (2018-2021) – Theory of Ensemble Forecasting
  • Dr. Ye Li (2022) Congestion Control in Large-scale Urban Networks based on Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram
  • Dr. Bahman Lahoorpoor (2018-2022) Terraces Towers Trams and Trains: Modeling the Growth of Sydney using Agent-based Simulation
  • Dr. Ang Ji (2018-2022) A Game Theory Model of Lane Changing Maneuver
  • Hema Sharanya Rayaprolu (2019-2023) The Co-Evolution of Network Demand and Travel Demand
  • Miguel Loyola (2020-2023) [co-advised with John Nelson, Geoffrey Clifton at ITLS] The implementation of sustainable transport policies.
  • Yadi Wang (2019-2023) – A Benefit/Cost Analysis of Benefit/Cost Analysis


  • Sabal Sharma (2021) – Implication of travel cost on education and health outcomes in Nepal
  • Amir Valadkhani
  • Dong Zhao
  • Mengyuan (Derek) Zhu