We periodically invite researchers and decision-makers to present their most recent investigations and results. Here we share the recording and/or slides of their presentations. Please contact us if you want to be notified of the upcoming seminars.


Previous talks

Mr Ilya Petoushkoff. Transportation in Moscow: the journey of one of the world’s foremost urban transportation investment programs. 19/April/2024.


Prof Taha Rashidi (UNSW). Accesories of Activity-Based Models. 15/March/2024.



Prof Jan Theeuwes (VU Amsterdam). Designing Road Safe Systems. 04/March/2024.

Dr Haoning Xi (University of Newcastle). Evaluating travel behavior resilience across urban and Rural areas during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Contributions of vaccination and epidemiological indicators. 16/February/2024.


Dr Claudio Roncoli (Aalto University). Connected and Automated Driving: Decentralised signal-free intersection management and cooperative routing. 03/November/2023


Prof Kay Axhausen (ETH Zurich). E-Bikes: Verifying a vision. 11/October/2023.



Dr Margaret Thomas (School of Public Health, University of Sydney). Evaluating an integrated active travel network for Wagga Wagga – a partnership project. 22/September/2023.

Slides *Slightly modified version of the slides because this is an ongoing project


A/Prof Cristian Cortes (U. de Chile). Large scale supply chain operations in the food industry. 01/September/2023



Dr Alex Veen (School of Business, University of Sydney). Power resources for disempowered workers? Re-conceptualizing the power and potential of consumers in app-based food delivery. 04/August/2023.