Accessibility by public transport to jobs in Sydney, jobs within 30 minutes.
Accessibility by public transport to jobs in Sydney, jobs within 30 minutes.

Accessibility measures the ease of reaching destinations and provides a way to evaluate the performance of transport system. The ’30-minutes city’, proposed by Greater Sydney Commission, suggests that that 75% of the people should be able to reach jobs within 30 minutes using transit.

Accessibility has numerous dimensions, considering where, when, what, and how accessibility is measured for whom by what traffic mode based on how much travel cost is taken.

  • Where: where accessibility is being measured, a block in downtown, suburban, or exurban area?
  • When: when accessibility is being measured, during peak hours or non-peak hours, day time or night time?
  • What: what is being accessed, e.g., jobs, schools, shoppings, restaurants, parks, hospitals?
  • How: methods to measure accessibility, e.g., primal, dual, place rank, or utility-based accessibility measures.
  • For whom: for whom accessibility is being measured, individual persons or a group of individuals aggregated spatially?
  • What mode: what mode is being used to access, on foot, by bike, transit, or automobile?
  • How much: how much travel cost is being spent to access, measured by travel distance, travel time, or full cost of travel?



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